Monday, September 23, 2013


Put a fork in me I'm done. That is the exact description of what I did a couple weeks ago. On a Sunday group ride to Air Force I was pointing out a manhole when I hit it wrong, my wheel flew off and the fork of my bike ended up in my leg. And unfortunately this was not one that I could just get on my bike and continue riding.

11 stitches later and I'm reminded of all the amazing people that surround me in triathlon. Starting with the entire AFA ride stopping to make sure that I was ok, Joe Umphenour providing me his handy (hah pun) arm warmers to use as a tourniquet on my leg, my CRP buddy Brandon waiting with me until a fellow OTC athlete Logan Storie came to pick me up and take me to the emergency room, and finally Kevin McDowell awaiting my release from the emergency room to pick me up and assist me back to the training center. Until recently being at the training center seemed like a temporary home, but it is times like this when I'm reminded that I have my "family" here at the training center too.
The 2 goons who came to my rescue!
More of my OTC family :)
I continued to think about the selflessness of my friends who had dropped everything they were doing to help me and realized how prevalent it is in my sport. A couple weeks ago in Maine (click here for my race report) I spent a weekend with my team Off the Front Multisport. Again being supported by fellow teammates, families and friends. Thanks to Steve Wright and his family we were provided with everything we needed for the weekend, their generosity being ridiculous. It really is quite the privilege when you go to a race that is so far away and don't have to worry about airport transportation, accommodations, food etc. We had a fun weekend with our team and even in the race itself the comradery shined through. When we saw each other words of encouragement were shouted or if that wasn't possible simple thumbs up were exchanged. A couple weeks later I headed to Duxbury to be the number one cheerleader for Team Psycho (I was no longer racing it, womp wahh). Here I finally got to meet and thank the people who have been aiding me in my goals and aspirations! While I also finally got to enjoy some lobster that I had missed out on when I was in Maine :)

Off the Front Multisport/Team Psycho at Maine Rev3
Although I Mainely (so punny) do triathlon for myself. There is no way that I could do triathlon without the help and friendship of my friends, family, teammates, sponsors, coaches and competitors. All these people are the ones that make training fun, push me to be better than ever and are there for me through both times of ups and downs. They are the ones that are there to celebrate with me, but also the ones who pick me up off the concrete most often figuratively, but sometimes literally as well.