Tuesday, November 4, 2014

California to Cozumel to Kona

So much has happened in a short time,
For instance it won’t be long until wedding bells chime.
 Tommy proposed to me and as you can guess…
Yep, my answer was definitely a “yes!”
So now we’re planning a wedding quite soon,
And the fact I get to be Mrs. Zaferes sends me over the moon.
I also did my last world cup in Cozumel,
Unfortunately that race went downhill when I ran slow as hell.
So I finished the race practically last,
Not going to lie it was not a blast.
My legs had nothing to give and didn’t feel right,
But it happens and I tried to leave it behind as I got on my flight.

Tommy and I were in Phoenix for a total of 5 hours,
Before getting on a plane to head to the land of hibiscus flowers.
“We” are spoiled to be sponsored by Coeur,
The best and cutest endurance apparel that I’ve ever wore.
We were there to watch the Ironman and represent,
I sure hope you all stopped by our booth if you went.
Being in Kona for Ironman was really neat,
I loved getting to cheer for our girls on the street.
And all of our Coeur athletes who raced did amazingly well,
With quite a few on the podium and Katie got an award for getting up after she fell.
These Ironman athletes are incredibly tough,
I rode the Queen K for only 90 minutes and had enough.
Besides the grueling distance making Kona hard,
It’s windy, humid, hill and so hot the ground is charred.
So in my opinion just finishing is an incredible feat,
I hope afterwards they treated themselves to lots of ice cream to eat.

I also want to shout out to QuintanaRoo,
When my derailleur hangar snapped they really came through.
After leaving Kona I decided I was going to do one final race for fun,
So I stayed in Carlsbad up until Lifetime Oceanside before calling my season done.

That write up will be coming soon,
Who knows maybe I’ll even get it posted by this afternoon.