Sunday, January 8, 2017

Off to On

Off season to on season, 
has got me wheezin’.
In the beginning I’m not ready to come back,
And start reconsidering the foods that I attack.
I hate the feeling of that first step on a run,
And after time off from the water swimming’s no fun.
Since when did the water get so heavy?
I'd rather be hanging out with my bevy. 

I feel like I can feel the extra body weight,
And that I’m constantly at my max heart rate.
Trying to figure out how do I do this again?
How many minutes in, what?! Only Ten?
Well ok looks like it’s time for a walk,
Tommy, stop trying to chat I can’t talk.
How can something I do for months now seem so foreign,
I now regret saying that off season was boring.
What?! In-N-Out shouldn’t be in my daily diet anymore?
What if I get “protein style” that’s acceptable for sure.

Ok, breathe, I can do this one step at a time,
Better stop to pick up this dime. 
Katie focus. Slow and steady will get you on pace,
So that in a couple months you’ll be ready to race. 
Take your time and start implementing change,
As your schedule continues to arrange.
Don’t put too much thought on how the body feels,
Rather just put in the work and start spinning the wheels. 

Wow nice, see now things are starting to feel better,
Good thing I didn’t put in my resignation letter.
Now I remember why I like what I do,
Going outside and starting to feel good too.
Then doing some sessions where I exceed expectations, 
I’ll never get tired of the success with the feeling of elations. 
I’ve even started working on things I’ve struggled with in the past,
Hoping that this next season will be even better than the last.

Ok I guess those struggles to get out the door were worth it,
Everyday working hard in the belief that practice makes perfect. 
Another year to be great has begun,

Welcome to the 2017 season everyone!