Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How To Train (with) Your Husband

When I first arrived in Clermont there was the reuniting bliss,
But as we started to train together a few things went amiss.
I’d forgotten what it was like to train with my spouse,
And it took a bit of time to bring order to the house.
I had forgotten a few critical things and would like to rewind,
Like the fact that quite often Tommy cannot read my mind.
I assumed he knew to stop talking when we picked up the pace,
But I quickly realized that this just was not the case.
I was reminded how critical it is to get enough sleep,
So that a toxic mood does not begin to seep.
 I was soon reminded he swims really fast,
And I mustn’t count the number of times he goes past.

I also remembered how communication is the key,
So I can get the most benefit from training with Tommy. 
I tell him when I’m grumpy and just don’t want to talk
I tell him that before we run sometime I like to walk.
 I tell him when he’s going too hard or if I want him to go faster,
And not to take too big of risks because that could be a disaster.
I tell him when he’s on pace and pushing me just right,
I tell him when I need him to protect me from an alligator bite.

So Tommy took over yet another role as training partner extraordinaire,
And I truly feel the partnership we’ve formed is really quite rare.
We are in each other’s company every waking minute,
He sees the best of me, but also the times when I’m at my limit.
He forces me to recover and not take on too much,
By binge watching The Blacklist, Netflix and such.
He’s the one pushing me to be my best and hold onto his wheel,
He’s also the one who’s telling me to trust in how I feel.
Each day he’s the one who gets me out the door,
And pushes me when he knows that I can give more.
I was reminded how when we work together how amazing it is,
And how it is possible for me to reach my goals while he reaches his.

So how do you train (with) your husband?
You talk to him no matter what the mood,
You tell him what’s on your mind before you turn rude.
You don’t assume he knows what you’re thinking in that brain,
Whether it’s about dinner or how you like to train.
You take away the stubbornness and input give and take,
Because not compromising could be your biggest mistake.
You make the important things known and let small things go,
And this is how you train (with) your husband like a pro.
This poem was written in collaboration with Mr. Tommy Zaferes