Monday, January 25, 2016

Bienvenidos a Mars

Well, oops my bad it seems I haven’t written for a bit,
Off season has come and gone and now I’m getting back into it.
I guess as a recap; the 2015 season was my best so far,
But my finish at the Chicago Grand Final was sub par. 
In the rankings I ended up fifth,
Which I was mostly happy with.
So fast forward a few trips, visits with family and sunsets galore,
Our time at home has ended and I’m excited for what 2016 has in store!
Last year there were a lot of big changes that I went through,
I had a new husband, a new team and a new coach to name a few.
This year I’m excited to go into year two,
besides additions to our squad there’s not much new.
And my new teammates have brought such a positive vibe,
The satisfaction in knowing that you’re in the perfect place is hard to describe.
It’s my first time visiting Fuerteventura,
And I have no doubt that I’ve strengthened my pleura.
It’s been three weeks since we arrived,
Into the JFTCrew atmosphere we have dived.
I love being back with the group and into such a routine,
Getting into a rhythm like a well oiled machine. 
There’s not much to do here besides training and rest,
and of course eating which is what we do best.
I’m surrounded by such a strong and fun team,
Just being with them each day makes me beam.
As an added bonus Tommy is here with me,
Training and taking pictures for all the world to see. 
Speaking of pictures where we are looks quite like mars,
Everything looking the same just past your handlebars.
But the trails are plentiful and the riding is a breeze,
Especially when the wind comes to take away the ease.
The 50 meter pool temperatures at Las Playitas are just right,
so when getting into the water there isn’t the usual mental fight.
Then there’s the open water swimming in the ocean that is near,
You can see straight to the bottom because the water is so clear. 
It’s the perfect place to train and it makes you stronger still,
There is no ride or run without a decent hill.
And the wind that comes can blow you to the other side of the road,
So every now and again you have to turn on the beast mode.
I really can’t believe that our time here has gone by so fast,
Soon our days here will be some of our last. 
Next up we head to Mallorca where everyone will regroup,
Hopefully it’s not so chilly this year that we’ll all be craving soup.