Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Name Changer

With a new year, new name and a new squad; a new blog was in store,
It just didn't seem fitting to have Giving It a Tri as a title anymore.
I've tried it and I quite like it a lot,
Now it's time to go after a Rio 2016 spot.
This year sure started off with a lot of excitement,
And being with JFT squad brought a lot of enlightenment.
In December Tommy and I joined the crew in Portugal for a bit,
It didn't take long for me to realize I'd found the perfect fit.
It's fun training with some of the best,
Each day feeling like the group makes me better, to that I can attest.
I went home super excited for the next camp coming our way,
But first Tommy and I got to celebrate a very special day.
Picture brought to you by Tera Tochio Productions
January 17th I said "I do" to being Tommy Zaferes' wife,
And with family and friends we celebrated the best day of our life.
We stopped off in Maryland to continue wedding fun,
Then headed to Mallorca where hard training had already begun.
For three awesome weeks we've been here now,
With a venue that continuously has you saying "wow".
 We've ridden to the snow and ran on the beach,
And I've achieved things I would have thought out of reach.
It's nice being with my husband each and everyday,
A good place to get prepped for Abu Dhabi that's two weeks away!