Saturday, May 21, 2016

Await the Fate

So here I sit and wait,
To learn my Olympic fate.
It's actually only been 7 days,
But has felt so long in many ways.
I raced in Yokohama last week,
but didn't get the podium I set out to seek.
I ended up in a sprint for fourth, fifth or sixth,
but sprinting too early meant the latter I picked.
I was the first American who hasn't already qualified,
Beating some stiff competition gave me pride.
But because of where I finished I didn't get auto selected,
So having a domestique for the Olympics is an option to be contested.
So here I sit and wait,
To learn my Olympic fate.
With people advocating for me left and right,
I realize how many people will put up a fight.
[Don't worry this is a joke it's not that bad, just taking advantage of a picture opportunity I had]
I watch the social media feeds feeling both amusement and love,
As people don't just push to have me there, they shove.
I have faith in the outcome though I don't know it yet,
And all the people who have been there for me, I will never forget.

So thank you for the patience during this time,
I hope to soon be writing a #Katie2Rio rhyme.
And to SRAM, Oakley and ROKA,
as well as Team Psycho, NYAC and HOKA,
Thank you for believing in me one hundred percent,
Through this mildly stressful event.