Friday, September 12, 2014

Las Vegas Super Sprint!

After Edmonton my brain was a little bit toast, 
I could only fathom doing aerobic workouts at the most. 
I took some down time as I know I needed it,
But as a result I think my race at Vegas took a hit. 
I went into the race thinking it was good practice with a chance of money, 
But let me tell you, you can't go into a competitive race with that mindset honey. 
In a super sprint you swim bike run and then right away do it again, 
It's short, fast, furious and brutal to the very end. 
You must be ready to compete with the best of the best,
When you're off in a super sprint there's no place to hide- to that I can attest. 
And hiding I could not when it came to the second run,
I was the first one out of the A finals when all was said and done. 

Trying to get prepped for the B final was a hard thing to do, 
But thankfully I pulled it together by the time warms up we're through. 
 The super sprint finals was two times through a 300 swim, 5k bike and 2k run,
So after the first run you transition back into the water and do it all again before you're done. 
In the swim I came out a bit behind McClarty, Stupp and Cook, 
Worked hard on the bike and by the run everyone but McClarty I overtook. 
Out on the run I realized something I had forgotten to do. 
Turns out my room key was still on my racing shoe. 
Besides feeling silly it had no effect, 
And back in the water to once again get wet. 
I had a small lead going into the swim,
But by the time I got out I was with McClarty and Cook again. 
McClarty and I rode hard from the start, 
And until we got to the final 2k run we did not part. 
Off on the run I put it in cruise, 
This was a race I didn't want to lose.
I finished the B final in first place,
After the morning, happy to have a more solid race. 

The excitement continued as the finals went off,
With 5 Olympians in the women's field including Sarah Groff.
It was pretty awesome as all 10 girls went out on the final run in a pack,
It came down to a sprint finish where Chelsea Burns made a final attack! 
So proud of my training partner and friend,
That she was able to come out on top in the end!
And then the men's race was up with Tommy in position two, 
So excited to watch him and see what he could do!
What made it even more fun is that Coeur came to watch, 
And cheer on my boy as he competed with athletes who are top notch. 
So exciting to see him, Royle and Kanute work together the entire race,
Dropping the rest of the group as they did the whole thing at a hot pace. 
Watching how fast they did corners and transitions was absurd, 
And by the end of the race Tommy rounded out the podium in third! 
The Las Vegas Super Sprint was an awesome event, 
And it's crazy how fast that trip/day came and went. 
With a quick turn around tomorrow I'll be racing Pacific Grove, 
A coastal venue being something I certainly can't loathe :)