Monday, July 31, 2017

WTS Hamburg/WTS Edmonton

Trying to get caught up before I get too behind, 
And while some of the races are fresh in my mind.
Since I last wrote I’ve done three races 
Ending up in three different places.
For the Hamburg individual race I finished fourth,
And in the Mixed team relay we were a few places north.
Our USA team finished second in a tight finish,
Celebrating with Erdinger instead of Guiness.
This past Saturday was WTS Edmonton,
Where I was happy to get on the podium again!
I finished third behind Duffy and Knibb,
Competing with them there’s no way to ad-lib.
After Hamburg where I didn’t really check off any process goals,
(I just ran like my feet were on some really hot coals),
I was happy to put more things together this past weekend,
Finally having a good swim where I was quite close to the front end.
I also had the fastest transition in the race!
For me that is not very common place.
I got onto my bike in great position, 
even though getting my feet in was quite the mission.
I got to the hill right where I wanted to be,
And then I watched Duffy and Knibb climb away from me. 
I tried to go with them but didn’t have the response spark or fire,
And ended up in the chase pack (not where I desire).
I worked hard, but didn’t put any time on the two,
But at least was in good position until I came to T2.
Coming into T2 I was at the back,
So that first part of the run I had to attack.
I was happy for the first 1k of the run,
Getting to the front in the Edmonton sun.
I ran with Summer Cook for laps two out of three,
And on the third knew I had to decide where I wanted to be.
So I pushed out of the transition up the hill to try to create a break,
Then ran scared to the finish knowing the podium was at stake.
Though overall I’m happy with the pieces I executed,
My feelings on the race are somewhat convoluted. 
In a way I am close to achieving what I want,
And I certainly feel much more drive than daunt.
I’m already looking forward to the next opportunity I get to be my best,
Which is Montreal this Saturday for yet another suffer fest! 
So proud to get to share multiple podiums these last few weeks,
As those steps are what everyone in the race seeks.
Also really thankful to share these moments with my family who came far,
Having you at each of the races felt like a gift from Caspar!
Mom, Dad, Aunt Terri, Uncle Jim, Aunt Mary Ellen, Bernie, (Aunt Terry)
 and Uncle Chip meet Pepe at WTS Hamburg!

Tommy's parents Nancy and George came to watch WTS Edmonton! 

My boy working. Also all these pictures are taken by Tommy Zaferes.