Sunday, March 20, 2016

A(Boo) Dhabi

After a great base training I was really excited to race,
Returning to Abu Dhabi which is quite a unique place.
As always I was nervous for the season's start,
But confidence in the work calmed my beating heart.
Well the race didn't go as I had hoped or planned,
Not finishing a race really doesn't feel grand.
I stopped at 5k on the run when I was going to crap,
Not literally, but I was falling further and further behind each lap.
My swim start was meh but I was able to move up,
Getting myself to the front pack was pretty tough.
I lasted in the front pack on the bike,
but didn't feel as strong as what I like. 
I often found myself at the back,
As we went around in a pack.
Finally the last two laps I got my butt in gear,
When I realized the next pack was drawing near.
I was proud that I was able to position myself better,
I'm going with the philosophy better late than never. 
This move not only allowed me to avoid getting crashed out,
But I was also near the front when T2 came about.
I got off onto the run and didn't feel quite right,
Not able to speed up my legs with any type of might.
I lasted two laps before Joel pulled me off the course,
And then I started trying to figure out the source. 
The whole race I just didn't feel like me,
But surely I should race better no matter what it be.
I knew the prep was there and that I was ready,
So I started looking at the week and things I thought were petty.
Of course maybe it was just an off day but I believe there's more,
There were times I spent extra energy that I should have put in store.
Little things like Thursday being go, go, go was rough,
And Friday I spent too much time doing certain stuff.
I spent so much time training to execute just right,
But the week of the race I should have sat more tight. 
As frustrating as it is I'll really never know,
Which is why it's time to move on and truly let it go.
Funny how a race can teach you quite a bit,
Even when you didn't actually finish it. 
Lessons I have learned and will carry on my way,
To keep me getting better each and every day.
We are now headed to Australia to train before Gold Coast,
The next stop on the circuit and the next city that will host.