Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 is a WRAP!

I can’t believe this season has already come and gone,
There were moments of learning, weakness and brawn.
There were times when I was stressed to the max,
And also splendid moments when I could relax.
Some of my favorites included competing in the Olympics for sure,
and winning Hamburg brought me happiness and beer showers galore.
I was pumped to finished fourth in the WTS series at the end, 
One of my goals is to continue my upward season ranking trend. 

Some of the things I learned this year,
is not to use a poison sumac leaf on my rear. 

[sparing you all the picture here]

And on a more serious note; that complications of the mind,
can impact my performance has been what I find.
From happiness in the day to day,
to how I deal with barriers in the way. 
When I stayed focused on the process and kept it simple,
I didn’t break out with a big stress pimple.
I learned to be confident in myself and the things I can do,
While making sure to respect my competitors and the challenges of the sport too. 
For next year I plan to talk and not hold thoughts inside my brain,
And to get out of my comfort zone more when I train. 
I’m excited to keep some things the same,
But also to make changes to up my game. 
I’m looking forward to continue with the JFT Crew,
And also have Tommy around to help me too.
I might dabble in some 70.3s mainly for fun,
but also to see how that longer stuff is done.

Thanks to all my sponsors who have been with me through this very special year,
For giving me the greatest support, relationships along with the best gear.
And thank you for all those who are coming along for the ride,
I really truly love having you all by my side!

At the moment I'm in Maryland enjoying being home and having some time,
to visit with family and friends and write this rhyme. 
I'm back into training more and more,
And looking forward to what 2017 has in store!

But here are some snapshots of what my off season looked like,
When I took a break from swimming, running and the bike. 
Got my first tattoo that I've ever had,
And really got into wearing plaid.
I legally changed my name and became a California resident,
And stretched my leg as far as it ever went. 
Some Ghiradadelli with triathlon friends,
Lots of stacking wood, that felt like it'd never end.
Tommy and my first time going to the movies together,
Watching another sunset in pretty nice weather.
We did Christmas in the Zaferes/Daddario way,
And went to the aquarium of the Monterey Bay. 
We also skated on the tiniest ice skating rink,
In Maryland we looked at lights in the biggest car I've ever been in I think.
One of the stops was on Baltimore's 34th Street,
As always Christmas in Maryland is such a special treat!