Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014!

A new place to call home. New goals. New relationships. New sponsors. I am so excited to start off the New Year! 2013 has been ridiculously awesome, and the way things are setting themselves up, it would seem that 2014 is going to be even better!

I am currently training in Scottsdale, Arizona where I live in a house with four triathletes. In Scottsdale, USAT has provided us with the best resources, equipment and all around opportunities that I could imagine. I’ve only been here since November and although I have already been challenged on different levels, I have also experienced success. Heck, tomorrow we have our first “race” of the season at Lifetime Fitness and tonight will probably be the first time I don’t stay up to bring in the New Year (even staying up for the east coast to bring in the new year may be a stretch).

The goals have changed from “Giving This a Tri” to fully committing myself to excellence. I am no longer trying out triathlon. I am working hard to make myself known on the world level. The goal this year is to become a force to be reckoned with on the WTS level and a name that people respect and fear when they see it on the starting list. I want to be strong all around, never having to rely solely on my run. I want to start acquiring points for the Olympics to begin turning my dreams of Rio2016 into a reality.

And this year I am so excited to represent some new companies: Coeur, Roka, Brooks, Endurance Shield. These are the companies that help me to achieve all the goals I set for myself. They are part of my triathlon family and I am proud to be an ambassador for each of them. Coeur is a new women’s endurance apparel clothing line that was started by Kebby Holden. They have super cute clothes, but what attracted me most to this company is how genuine everyone who is a part of Coeur is. The platform that the company stands on is something I am honored to be a part of. Since first meeting Coeur at the Las Vegas Sprint Triathlon, I have felt like I was part of the Coeur family. I feel truly taken care of and have enjoyed the fun atmosphere and sense of community that they have instilled in their company.

ROKA is an awesome new wetsuit company that I first took notice of when Tommy Zaferes told me he would be representing them in 2014. I didn’t think much of it until I went and raced at Maine Rev3. There were so many professionals that were wearing the ROKA wetsuit. I contacted ROKA asking if I may be able to try out their wetsuit. I loved it from the moment I tried it on. First off, putting on the wetsuit, the material stayed intact. No holes or puncture wounds! Then getting in the water and swimming, I was controlling the wetsuit rather than having the wetsuit control me. I was comfortable and swimming speedily. Can’t wait to be racing in it this season; it’s a front pack wetsuit for sure!

I have always been a fan of Brooks shoes, even winning my first mile state title in high school wearing Brooks running shoes (see below for a very attractive picture). I was really hoping for a shoe sponsor this year and could not be happier that Brooks accepted me as part of their Brooks ID Elite Program. I am happiest when I’m running in the Brooks Ghosts and am so excited to be racing in them as well this year.

The newest company that I get to represent this season is EnduranceShield. After having a mole with melanoma in-situ removed during college, I am a huge advocate for sunscreen. However, as an athlete I have found it difficult to find sunscreen that doesn’t feel too heavy, sting and still does a thorough job of protecting me. Endurance Shield is a sunscreen company started by the very accomplished Alicia Kaye and Jarrod Shoemaker. It is also the only sunscreen that I will wear during a race. It is light enough that I feel like I can still sweat through it. Endurance shield smells awesome and also keeps me from getting burnt. My skin (largest organ of the body) and I are both quite happy we’re going to be on the Endurance Shield team this year!

I find that happiness and enjoying what you do is key to success. Going into 2014, I could not feel more balanced or confident in my situation. I am in an optimal environment to succeed, have the support of some awesome companies as well as all my family, friends and teammates, I’m in a relationship with Tommy Zaferes  that makes me smile everyday and want to be better all around and I have the drive to be a better triathlete.

I wake up everyday knowing that there is nothing else I would rather be doing. Hello 2014! I am super pumped to see what you have to offer! Even if your arrival does mean I will be doing a 5k race bright and early tomorrow morning!


  1. Excited to follow your road to Rio and be Coeur teammates this year! Also, ROKA… aren't their wetsuits fantastic?! Love mine.

  2. Thanks so much! I am super excited as well! And agreed their wetsuits are phenomenal, so comfortable and speedy ;)