Thursday, April 30, 2015

WTS Cape Town

South Africa is one of those places you go and it takes your breath away,
So it was exciting that after Gold Coast we were there for a ten day stay!
Typical for Cape Town the water front is quite chilly,
I actually like the element the 12 degrees Celsius water adds…really!
So the day before the race I got in to test it out,
The initial freeze of the water making me want to shout.
But it wasn’t too surprising when on race day the swim got changed from two laps to one,
Not my preference, but at least it was better than none!
When we dove in and started swimming I quickly took the lead,
Never thinking about the sharks that may decide to feed.
Thanks Delly Carr for the sweet photo!
I led out of the water in my ROKA wetsuit,
But it wouldn’t be Cape Town if I didn’t end up on my boot.
I accidentally slipped when I was in transition,
But recovered well and got onto the bike in great position.
Whoopsies, chain of events caught by Liezel
We had a group of four and I truly thought we would stay away,
Until Nicola Spirig and crew put their strengths on the bike on display.
We were caught at the end of the second lap,
Consumed by pretty much every other athlete on the course map.
Our group of three captured by Jeff Ayliffe!
The course was technical with some bumps that made me a bit wary,
Going through with such a large group can sometimes be scary.
I continuously had to work to move up through the masses,
And then I found myself at the back as others made their passes.
Putting on my Brooks Racer STs. Thanks Chris Hitchcock!
But going into T2 I was in an alright position,
And excited to actually have a relatively good transition!
We ran with a group of about ten throughout much of the race,
And I was just waiting for someone to change the pace.
This photo brought to you by expert photographer and masseuse GeOh Photography!
Vicky Holland did this with about one lap to go,
And in a lapse of focus she put a gap on me…oh no.
I never did catch Vicky and finished the race in second,
But I did hold off the Olympic gold medalist which is pretty good I reckon.

I was happy with my race because it was different from the rest,
Coming off with a huge group really put my running to the test.
I came away from this race with the fastest swim and run,
And you know being the current World Triathlon Series leader is pretty fun.
Thanks Jeff Ayliffe for capturing this moment for me, as well the others posted above!
This race showed me I have all the elements that are going to get me to the top,
But for now I will go home and regroup until London, which is the next stop!

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  1. Watched it on Universal Sports-- You looked so SOLID-- So happy for your success!