Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Swedish Place on the Circuit

After not qualifying for Rio racing Stockholm was back on the list,
I had raced last year and it was a city I was happy I wouldn’t miss.
Flying into Sweden we were greeted with the most beautiful weather,
Which made the experience, the race and exploring that much better. 
New this year compared to last year’s race,
Was that it was Olympic distance with the swim in a new place.
I didn’t do the swim recon. on the Thursday before,
But on race day I found that it was conditions I adore.
A bit of chop and a ROKA wetsuit swim,
Had me feeling good when I got in.
When the gun went off I went for it right from away,
And I found my fastest swim that day.
Coming out Sarah, Carol and I had about a 20” gap,
Then on the bike Flora joined us after a lap.
Away the three of us tried to stay,
With Flora taking control and leading the way.
However, after about 5 laps we got caught,
And at this point I didn’t use the good positioning I’ve been taught. 
I ended up coming into T2 a few seconds back,
So I really had to push the start of the run to rejoin the pack.
I did just that but then Sarah and Andrea got a bit ahead,
At this point I was feeling quite tired and my legs a little dead.
But then I saw that Sarah had dropped Andrea a bit,
And I thought, “OK, Katie how bad do you want it”
I made a move to get back on Andrea’s butt,
Then once I did I was quite tired, and thought, “now what?”
I decided if I could just get to the hill a bit before,
Then I would give it my all once more.
The finish is right beyond a steep little hill,
So once I got to that I went, got 2nd and finished with nil!
 I was very proud of my hard fought race, 
And getting my 5th second place.
The next day Tommy and I changed our initial plans,
So that we can head back to California to work on our tans.


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  2. Just found your blog - thanks for your efforts. I thought your post-race interview was very motivating. I enjoy watching you race. I just listened again to your interview with “Breakfast with Bob” in Chicago to make sure I understand how you can make the Olympic team. Sounds like you have some options. I am rooting for you! Enjoy your off-season.