Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kelowna Pan American Cup

August 17th marked the beginning of my triple race tour,
The race taking place on the Okanagan shore.
So the first thing we did from the US was travel up,
To compete in the Apple Tri Kelowna Pan American Cup,

After NYC I was feeling good to go,
But also more nervous than I liked to show.
I knew who would be there and that the course suited me well,
But there were also more unknowns from what I could tell.
I was aware Summer Cook was a good swimmer and to hang on her feet,
And Paula Findlay would be coming back hungry as she had many goals to meet.
Though we didn’t discuss it much Paula and I both had a plan,
To work together as much as we possibly can.
Well last Sunday everything worked out just right,
And I ended up getting to be satisfied with a win that night.
The swim was solid and I came out with the lead pack,
Hopping on the bike getting ready to attack.
From the start of the bike Paula and I went real hard,
Dropping the rest of the field and still staying on guard.
Working with only one other person can be pretty tough,
There was no hiding when the legs had had enough.
We worked well together and got off the bike with a significant lead,
Which was good when my transition was not as fast as I would typically need.
I struggled to get my shoes on fast,
 And Paula went out on the run with a blast.
I followed behind making sure to keep her in my sight,
Reeling her in little by little wanting to make sure I paced myself right.
Once I got to her side I continued to push,
I kept being afraid she was going to pass me with a “whoosh!”
Coming down the final stretch I realized I had the win,
And couldn’t be more happy with how the trip was going to begin.
And then Tommy Zaferes won the men’s race too,
I realized being even happier was something I could do.
It was so much fun standing on the podium with my best friend,
And being able to completely celebrate with one another in the end.
It’s not often both partners get to be satisfied with a win,
But it is certainly something I think we’d both like to do again.
Next up for me is Stockholm WTS and I am in transit as I write,
Looking forward to racing hard this weekend with all of my might.

Thanks again to my sponsors for supporting me when times are rough,
Helping me back to the wins, because I can't get enough.
Team Psycho, Coeur, ROKA, Brooks, PowerBar, Endurance Shield you all are the best,
That is certainly something to which I can attest!

Ok, ok so my post of this may have been a bite late,
Because if you read my next post you’ll find out about my Stockholm fate J

Photo credit: KelownaNow

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