Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Grand Event! Edmonton WTS

Yesterday I did something in my triathlon career I hadn’t done yet,
I competed in my first World Triathlon Series Grand Final event!
After some rough patches throughout this year,
I wasn’t quite sure what shape I would be in as it grew near.
Winning Kelowna was a really great feeling but it was a more low key race,
And in Stockholm I wasn’t happy with my performance, but was happy with my place.
After Stockholm I got sick with some kind of flu,
Apparently it got quite a few other athletes too.
Thankfully I kept feeling better and better as the week went on,
And by the time the race rolled around all illness was gone.

I got through the week really listening to what my body was saying,
Knowing that pushing too much at this point wasn’t a game worth playing.
The more rest the better to head into the biggest race of the year,
I couldn’t believe how fast it came up and was nearly here!
I started the race ranked number 22,
Diving into the swim knowing precisely what I had to do.
I tried to save more energy this time and swam farther back,
Trading clear water for a lot more contact in the middle of the pack.
Picture by Dean Hardie
I came out of the water and had a pretty good transition onto the bike,
Right away knowing this was a group I was going to like.
We had strong cyclists and Lucy Hall took control,
I think we were all in agreement we had a common goal.
Thanks for the picture Dean Hardie!
To try and get as far ahead of the chase pack as we possibly could,
And I would say we worked well together which was really good.
I was extremely happy with my riding in the race,
Excited to be a part of the pack and helping to push the pace.
Compared to Stockholm it was night and day,
Finally feeling comfortable, sometimes even leading the way.
Awesome picture by Rich Cruse
 Getting off the bike I may have had the slowest transition ever,
Which really cost me in this race, when everyone else started together.
Do not misjudge the importance of transitions is something I find,
Because I had to do a lot more work to catch up from behind.
Another cool picture by Dean Hardie!

But I slowly worked my way to maintaining 4th or 5th place,
However, unfortunately I had no sprint at the end of the race.
I got passed by four and was ninth crossing the line,
So happy to finish this race in the top ten that I really can’t whine.
I’m finishing the series in the 16th position,
Only 6 places off my original mission.
Picture brought to you by:Alejandro Maldonado
A couple months ago I never thought I would be able to rebound like this,
But I am so excited to be on the rise and learn from all the things that went amiss.
I could not have done it without my support crew for sure,
My family, Tommy, my friends, Bobby McGee and so many more.
And of course to my sponsors for their unyielding faith in me,
Having your support this season was definitely key.
To Team Psycho, Coeur, ROKA, Brooks, Powerbar and Endurance Shield,
You all stand out far above the rest of the field.

But it’s a trick the Grand Final doesn’t mark the end!
I actually have about 4 more races in which to contend.
On September 11th I’ll be racing the Las Vegas Super Sprint,
And thus will continue the final two month racing stint. 

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