Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Abu Dhabi Podium!

For me the first race of the season,
Always brings more jitters than there’s reason.
I don’t know why but I feel like I could forget how to tri,
With each week of the off season that goes by.
However, it doesn’t take much for me to get my butt in gear,
Only the sound of the gun going off in my ear.
And then it’s like “hey! I remember this feeling”
Now I better get moving because Carol Routier’s arms are reeling.
And so it was like this in Abu Dhabi too,
As soon as the race started I knew what to do. 
The swim for me was a little bit of an unknown,
There was a time during training were my swimming had slown.
However, during this race it all fell into place,
And seeing my teammate Sarah True, I tried to keep pace.
Coming out of the water I knew transition would need to be fast,
If there was any chance of creating a break in the bike that would last.
I put in some strong efforts whenever there was a break,
All the time feeling like it was definitely a chance I was willing to take.
We had a strong group of five going into the final lap,
But going through a technical section I fell off the back.
When I didn’t latch back on I used my heart and Coeurage to keep powering alone,
An all too familiar memory of when that happened to me in Stockholm.
But I kept pushing and made it to transition before getting caught,
Knowing that the next group was going to be coming in hot.

Pretty quick into the run I was happy to be feeling well,
My BrooksPureFlow had me gaining on the individuals ahead I could tell.
As I ran I just kept my eye on the girls up ahead,
Never looking back at what was behind me instead.
Ultimately I crossed the finish line in second place,
My best performance ever at a WTS race!
It was so awesome for me to achieve a goal I had set,
And standing on the podium for the first time is something I won’t forget.
Not to mention USA Gwen Jorgensen did an awesome job taking the win,
And Flora Duffy for getting 3rd after just getting back into ITU again!
I can’t thank all the people who have supported me in this endeavor,
To name each and everyone would take me forever.
Thank you to all the people who have been there for me through and through,
Always believing in me and what I do.
Of course thank you to my sponsors who are always there for me,
And have supported me with each dream I hope to achieve.
Thank you to ROKA, Brooks, Off the Front Multisport, TeamPsycho and Coeur,
You help me achieve all I dream and much more.

Thank you to my teammates and coach Joel Filliol who make race prep fun,
And all go out there and race hard, getting it done.
Now I’m heading to the Kiwi land,
Auckland is next up on my plan!

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