Sunday, March 15, 2015

KZ Team 2015

Introducing the Katie Zaferes team 2015,
All those people behind helping my season run like a well oiled machine.
Some are new relationships for me this year,
But most have been with me as I’ve reached each new tier.
Team Psycho and Off the Front Multisport supported me since I started tri,
The first triathlon teams I was a part of and how lucky was I?
They both believed in me before I even knew the sport,
And I can’t describe how wonderful these people are as a cohort.
I met Coeur two years ago at the Las Vegas Super Sprint,
Thinking they probably weren’t going to be interested during my injured stint.
Super excited when they contacted me out of the blue,
I couldn’t be more blessed to meet such an amazing crew,
Not only is Coeur women’s tri apparel the best in the realm,
They’re also not afraid to take issues in triathlon at the helm.
ROKA sports creates apparel that allows you to swim super fast,
With wetsuits that are not only speedy but are made to last.
The crew here also is quite close to my heart,
As they took care of Tommy when in Dallas he fell apart.
I can’t tell you how important it is to see a company the truly cares,
And is there for their athletes whenever they need them to be there.
Brooks was the first pair of running shoes that I ever wore to train and race,
A love for the Run Happy motto from which all my theories are based.
I train in the Ghosts and race in the PureFlow,
The perfect shoes for a gal always on the go.
I couldn't be more pumped to wear SPY optics on my face,
And be looking through happy lenses during each race.
This fun awesome company has athletes who do the extreme,
I feel very fortunate to get to be a part of the team.

#seehappy, heart and courage, run happy, find faster;
All things in my life that I want to always remember and master.
What better people to have behind you every day,
Than the ones that work to make you better in each every way.

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